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Hosted Server

Hosted Server services from IDSL provides dedicated virtual servers hosted in ISO certified data centres. It allows a business to outsource its internal IT operations and save money on the management of systems and other associated costs. Our system is uniquely designed to supply ‘the best of both worlds’ – the cost efficiency of a multi-tenanted system whilst providing a dedicated system to enable a bespoke configuration that meets your specific needs and requirements, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We offer flexible and customised solutions.

IDSL provides businesses with cost-effective Hosted Server solutions that are bespoke to your business. Our technical support services are UK based and our systems guarantee total security.

Benefits of Hosted Server

Reduction in IT costs – a hosted server removes the need for capital expenditure on expensive in-house servers.
Full IT support – we update and maintain the server on your behalf, reducing your time spent dealing with IT issues.
All your data is backed up daily and replicated hourly to our second data centre.