What are Leased Lines?

A leased line is a dedicated communication line that is rented or leased for exclusive use by a customer.
It provides a private and secure connection between two locations, typically used for data transfer, internet access, or telecommunications services. Unlike traditional telephone lines, which are shared among multiple users, a leased line ensures constant bandwidth and reliable connectivity.
Leased lines are commonly used by businesses for activities such as connecting branch offices, accessing the internet, or enabling private networking between locations. They offer consistent performance and are often preferred for applications that require high reliability and fast data transfer speeds.


  • iconDedicated Connection
  • iconUltra fast Speeds
  • iconDedicated to a Single User
  • iconCost-Effective
  • iconDedicated Bandwidth
  • iconSLA Guarantee
  • icon24/7 Support
Why Leased Lines are good for Business

Why buy from us?

Superfast Speeds
They offer vital high-speed data transfer, crucial for demanding business networks.
Resilient and Secure
We are ISO 27001 certified and have 24/7 monitoring of our network and systems.
Ultimate Reliability
Eliminate downtime with backup circuits and competitive SLAs as standard.
Specialist Support
24/7 specialist support and help from our tech experts based in the UK.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike broadband, which is a shared connection with fluctuating speeds, a leased line offers a dedicated and symmetrical connection with consistent high-speed data transfer rates.

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