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Cabling maintenance

Cabling Maintenance

Making sure your cabling system is well maintained is just as important as the initial structured cabling installation. A communications cabling system can become very complicated, especially when different companies have installed them. Bradley Communications strongly believes in the importance of network cabling maintenance. We eliminate confusion by making sure we certify, test and label every cable part of your company’s network infrastructure. That way you will be able to see where they go and which panel they are connected to.

An organized rack is crucial in order to trace and replace cables and easily remove hardware. This is also vital in order to avoid serious safety threats and code violations due to the accumulation of abandoned cable. Bradley Communications also offers cable removal services for commercial buildings that need to clean up their network infrastructure.

A well designed structured cabling system reduces the overall life cycle costs of every system and user it supports due to minimized downtime and maximized utility. Most of the work concerning infrastructure based efficiency is focused on power and cooling. An organized rack can make a world of difference when it comes to increasing airflow.  By adopting good cabling habits, your hardware will run cooler and more efficiently and ensure the health and longevity of your cables. You will also prevent premature hardware failures caused by heat retention. When producing less heat, cooling costs will in turn also be reduced. Blocked airflow does not only prevent cool air from getting to hot spots near critical systems but it can also lead to a serious safety hazard.